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WSAPPX High CPU Use Error Fix – 100% Working

Have you noticed a background service named WSAPPX consuming insane amount of CPU memory in your task manager?

You’re not alone. A lot of people have reported wsappx high disk usage. It’s time, we help you to solve this problem.


What is WSAPPX?

WSAPPX Windows 10 is a background service in Windows 8/10. Part of Windows Store, this program communicates with the Windows Store to update Windows apps.

wsappx high cpu uses

When this service becomes unresponsive, it starts consuming a lot of memory on your CPU. As a result, your PC will slow down, giving you huge lag time. It could easily disturb system performance.


Why Is It Using So Much CPU?

The wsappx service generally uses a noticeable amount of CPU when your PC is installing, uninstalling, or updating Store apps.

So, if you are noticing WSAPPX disk usage taking 100% disk usage, it could be due to an app installing in the background.

To see whether this service is currently installing/updating an app, simply open Windows Store. Click on the user icon from the right top corner. On the next window, you can easily disable automatic app updates.

windows app settings

Is It a Virus?

The wsappx software is a part of Windows 10 itself. We haven’t seen any reports of malware disguising itself as the wsappx, AppXSVC, or wsappx disk usage.

However, if you’re concerned about malware, it’s always a good idea to run a scan with your preferred antivirus program to check your system for anything dangerous.


Is there a fix for this glitch?

So, if you are concerned and want to fix WSAPPX error, you simply follow along. Below, we will help you fix this problem using various steps. Follow these steps and you will never have this service hijacking your system resources.


Step 1: Update Your Device Drivers

WSAPPX high CPU problem isn’t directly related to drivers. However, an outdated device driver can cause incompatibility issues. This is when your PC tries to update drivers automatically and in the background.

Can you now see the connection now? Your system is trying to update a faulty driver. Somehow, the service has become unresponsive. It’s definitely going to consume a lot of CPU resources.

Does it sound way too technical to update device drivers? We are here to help. Follow the simple instructions below.


How to update/download latest device drivers?

To download the latest drivers for your system, follow the instructions below.

1- Go to your PC manufacturer website

2- For your convenience, I’ve added driver download pages for all top brands below

a. Dell – Download drivers
b. HP – Download drivers
c. Sony – Download drivers

3- Download the latest device drivers for your computer

4- Install drivers and reboot your PC

If it was a problem related to drivers, you should see normal CPU usage for all services including wsappx.

But if you still see the problem, proceed to the next step below.


Step 2: Increase Virtual Memory

If it’s not a problem with outdated device drivers, it could be an issue with the virtual memory of your operating system.

Although Windows 8/10 automatically manages paging file size and virtual memory, you can easily increase it. When you increase the virtual memory of your system, it can run processes in the background easily.

IMPORTANT: Ideally, you should set minimum value for virtual memory equal to your RAM size. For maximum value, double the minimum value. Also, make sure you have enough empty space on your hard drive to allocate to virtual memory.

You can easily increase virtual memory by following instructions below.


Open Performance Settings

Go to Control Panel in your operating system. Once can see System setting there. If you can’t locate these specific settings, simply search ‘system’ in control panel.

You can also go to system settings by following these two easy steps below.

1- Click on the Start button in Windows

2- Now type “Settings” and wait for Settings app to pop up

3- You can open settings now

Once you are in System settings, go to Advanced System Settings.


Open settings to change virtual memory

On this page, you will find three tabs on top. Select the middle tab named ‘Advanced’. Here you will be able to change Virtual Memory settings.

Under Virtual Memory settings, you will have the option to change these settings. Click the button named ‘Change’.

increasing virtual memory

Increase virtual memory

Once you have clicked the ‘change’ button, you should see a new window. Here, you can easily adjust virtual memory settings. To make changes, simply change the radio button from ‘System Managed Size’ to ‘Custom Size’.

Now enter Initial size and Maximum size. You need to enter values in MB.

Now click ‘Set’. Finally hit the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Finally, reboot your PC.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed virtual memory for your OS.


Step 3: Disable Windows Store

I’m sure you have solved wsappx problem. If you are still seeing high CPU problem, you need to disable Windows Store.

NOTE: If you disable Windows Store, you will not receive automatic updates for system apps such as Movies, Mail, and Photos. In case you use these apps regularly, you might face some errors after disabling Windows Store service.

To disable this important service and to resolve the wsappx error, follow instructions below.


Step by step instructions

1- Press Window Logo key and R key together

2- You will now have a toolbar(Run utility) where you can search for programs

3- Type ‘gpedit.msc’ without quotes and hit Enter

4- Alternatively, you can press Windows Start button and type ‘gpedit.msc’ to find the registry editor

5- When the registry editor pops up, expand Local Computer Policy

6- Click Computer Configurations that will appear under Local Computer Policy

7- Now double-click Computer Configuration

8- You should be able to see administrative templates in the registry editor now

Local Group Policy Editor

9- Now you should be able to see an entry for Store in the registry

10- Double click Store to see its registry settings

11- There, you will see an option to Turn off the Store application

12- Right-click on this setting

13- From the context menu, you will have an option to enable this option

14- Go ahead and enable it to turn off the Store application

Finally, restart your PC to apply the changes.


Step 4: Run a Virus and Malware Scan

90% of visitors should not see high CPU usage by wsappx at this time. If you couldn’t follow some steps or you problem persists, it could be due to a malware or a virus.

It’s a good time to perform a deep virus and malware scan using your favorite program. You can easily find an antivirus program that comes with malware scan feature.

After a successful scan, you will be able to see if your PC has any virus or malware. If you find some, simply delete or quarantine them.

Reboot your computer for changes to take effect.


Our Verdict

WSAPPX is an important component of your operating system. Windows uses it to install and update apps via Store. Sometimes, it can start consuming above 90% of the CPU resources. Using the steps above, you should be able to solve this error for once and all.